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Bitcoin is priced to buy. Only a few months ago bitcoin was at 60k, and it crashed to 30k. You might be thinking that if it crashed to 30k, than how much lower will it go? I wouldn't fault you for it either. I've been buying and selling Bitcoin for years and one thing that has stayed a constant is rise and fall of Bitcoin. It's became predictable.

I'm not here to convince you to invest.

There's no need, it's simple arithmatic. Bitcoin will increase in value. What I want to do is make sure you get the best service. I've purchased Bitcoin on all of the exchanges, and if a person is careful they can lose money just as easy. I wanted to lend you my experience so you wont have to learn the hard way. Since Bitcoin is de-centralized there isn't anyone you can call if you make or mistake or worse you get scammed. That Bitcoin will be gone and there isn't anything you can do about it. So it's vital that you make good choices.

It's also easy to lose bitcoin by simply making a trade and not being aware of the fee's involved. Just to make a single trade, the fee that you pay can be very high. This usually happens when there are a lot of transactions occuring on the network.

When buying Bitcoin I recommend buying it from