A little insight on a couple of my favorite Ya hoo Op erators .

  1. Lets put it all to good use.

    Lets determine exactly what we want to find out. Just for a example I'm going to look up all the realtors in my area, and find out there contact information. I'm needing to drum up some business and this would be a quick way to get there phone number and to find out who is in your area.

    I want to know...

    • All of the local businesses that are realitors.
    • I also want to get the phone numbers.

    I found that this was the best way to find the phone number of all the local realtors in phoenix.
    I searched: Phoenix realtor intext:call me 602 and 480 and 623
    Here are my results

    First type in the area you want to search. Then the business genre. Ex. "Dentist", then use the use intext: and the area codes of where your looking.
    The fist part "Phoenix" searchs the City
    The intext:602 tells the search to find the numbers
    602 on the page somewhere. Since the only thing that has the number
    602 in it is the phone number, the phone number
    is what I'll get.