A little insight on a couple of my favorite G oogle Op erators .

What is a Google Operator?

Google search operators are special characters and commands (sometimes called “advanced operators”) that extend the capabilities of regular text searches. Search operators can be useful for everything from content research to technical SEO audits

  1. Index.of:

    The search term "index of:" is used to find open ftp sites. For practice lets search Greenday, and lets look for the file type .mp3. As a disclaimer, Im not suggesting that this is legal or illegal. I'm simply demonstrating how to use the google search operator.

    Dont erase anything, just add whatever your searching for at the end of the string
  1. Intitle:

    Intitle will only return results with the your search term in the title of the page. For this example I will search for "Jfk conspiracies".

  1. Intext:

    Intext applies only to the single word directly following the command. For todays example I searched "Popular vacation spots in the us"

  1. AllInurl:

    A Google search operator that allows a user to restrict the search results to only those pages with the search query specified in URL. For todays example I searched for "Top vacation spots in the US

    top vacation
  1. Allintext:

    Allintext is Google search syntax for searching only in the body text of documents and ignoring links, URLs, and titles. It's similar to the intext search command, except that it applies to all words that follow. For todays example I searched for "Top vacation spots in the US"

    top vacation spots