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Invest in Bitcoin

Most likely you have heard of Bitcoin by now, and if you haven't given it much thought you might want to check it out. Bitcoin is here to stay and if you have ever had the experience where you knew something was going to ge a good thing and didn't jump on it, this is one of those moments.

What is so interesting about Bitcoin is the fact there is a certain about that will ever be created. Bitcoin can't be printed whenever someone wants more money. Currently 6.5 new Bitcoins are created every 10 minutes. Roughly 900 coins a day. That number will change in 2024 when the amount of Bitcoin created is reduced from 6.5 BTC to 3.125Btc. This halving occurs every four years.

I started buying Bitcoin in 2017

In 2017 Bitcoin was only $400 per coin. In just 4 years Bitcoin has astronomically increased in value. I just checked it was at $56000.00.


I've been using this platform for several weeks now and I wanted to share it with you. What makes this platform different from all of the others is the community. Here you are able to get a loan from the community. You set your own stipulations on how you want to pay it back. Then each person in the community gives you a little to fullfil the loan request.

How to get your first loan on BTCPOP.CO